August 2 2016

Tamagotchi m!x – Gen 3 + Melody Land

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Picking up from where we left off last time… Mamelovelitchi has confessed his feelings for Memetchi and soon settled down. Soon enough, another baby boy has hatched!


The device named him “Mamememetchi”. (wow that’s a lot of mehs 😛 )


Just like the previous generation, the parents were present throughout the baby stage for the most part… and apparently I missed out on something last time when the baby evolves into a teen. Here’s what happens:

Translation: “Here’s a map to this house, come play and visit us anytime. One more thing, here’s a present from Dad and Mom.”

Apparently once the Tamagotchi evolves into a toddler, he then moves out of this parents’ house to live on its own.

Savoring the new house to himself, Mamememetchi decided to go out for a stroll outside the garden, when he noticed a marching band. He followed them and lead straight to Melody Land!

Translation: “You can now visit Melody Land”

This is super cool! It reminded me of that Melody Land pierce from the Tamagotchi P’s series – and it looks like we didn’t need to do anything special for it to unlock. We just need to head out in the garden during the morning of the 3rd generation and the marching band should take us there.

Now that it’s unlocked, why don’t we go check it out?

Translation: Plaza, Melody Shop, Concert, Propose

We visited the plaza and there he met Orchestrotchi and played with him for a bit.

For the most part over the next few days, I have been busy IRL – thank goodness for the Playroom and the parents’ house options. They are such a big help!


Another thing I discovered – even the new mixed characters can have favourite items of their own! I fed him the Hotdog Sandwich (ホットサンド) with his buddy Lovesoratchi and he did the happy dance. He grew up into this adult that looks like a Memetchi with Lovelitchi’s ears… and Mametchi’s eyes.

♪♪ Because I’m happy / Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof / Because I’m happy / Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪♪

We’re curious as to what the Concert place on Melody Land is, so we went back and checked it out. Looks like we’ve got a musician in the family! 😀


He’s been spending a lot of time with Meloditchi and it looks like they are both into each other – their status level translates to “devoted lover”.


Looks like it’s time to do some m!xing again! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening next!

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