August 13 2016

Tamagotchi m!x – The (Bald) Fortune-Telling Flower

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Before I continue with the log, I’d like to thank everyone who’s still stopping by to accompany me while taking these little critters for a ride! My apologies as I have been busy IRL over the past several days (big trip coming up!) and with my m!x’s battery dying a few days ago didn’t help. But the good news is – we’re back!


So eventually our character married Meloditchi and after a couple of generations getting boys, a baby girl has hatched this time!


Stalker much? 😛

After the parenting stage, of course the baby moves out of the parent’s house like usual, but this time something else has happened!


While she’s on her way to her own house, we’ve been shown an animation of the park transforming from a “standard”-looking park to the one with purple music notes! Given that Melodytchi is the parent, this may have probably triggered that effect.

She looked pretty cute for a todder-sized Melodytchi but as soon as she grew up into a teen she pretty much changed. A lot.


Now she looked like a hybrid Memetchi/Melodytchi. Not complaining about it – she’s cute.

I took her for a quick stroll in the park and we noticed that the town now looks different!


She didn’t see anybody at the park at the moment… poor thing. But on the other news, it looks like the entire town is now Melody-Land themed! That is so cool! 😀

Growing up into an adult, she transformed back into Melodytchi but still carrying over his grandfather Mametchi’s eyes! I had no idea that this combination looks really cute as well.

We’ve gotten a bit tired of the standard living room design, so we had it converted into a flowery theme.


Shortly after the construction guy left, something happened…


A bunch of pink cherry blossoms has sprouted on the floor and a few seconds later, the room becomes flooded with cherry blossoms and next thing we know… we were on Flower Hills! We have unlocked another new destination!

Checking out the new place, there’s a spot called Fortune Telling and we went there to see what it’s all about, and we were greeted with this giant talking pink flower. It made us pick from our list of male friends and began the ritual in the traditional he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not fashion, where its petals would fall off one by one and suddenly…

Translation: “Welcome, let me determine your compatibility…”

…we found ourselves looking straight at Mr. Clean, sharing his wisdom and love advice. 😛


While my Japanese isn’t perfect, from what I can understand is that the “leaves are saying that it’s too early to start a relationship (with that person I selected) but it will open up eventually”… something like that. Whatever 😛

Seriously, that giant bald talking flower needs some petal regrowth shampoo. I’m sure Tamadepa has one for you. 😛

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