August 19 2016

Tamagotchi m!x – Colour Change!!

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No, this isn’t a new pierce for the Tamagotchi P’s (that is so 2013, lol!) but otherwise we are continuing with our adventures with the Tamagotchi m!x!

I thought I’d give the little critter a treat, so we splurged on the berry sundae at the restaurant. It tasted really good that she couldn’t stop thinking about it when we got home.


Apparently, it’s more than just a craving.


Suddenly, her dessert thoughts began materializing on the floor and all the towards outside. She followed the trail all the way into a town sitting atop a hill called Berry Town!


It’s a very beautiful and delicious-looking town! This is a pretty cool throwback to the Berry Sweets pierce back in the P’s era – and of course the dessert-themed Tamagotchis are making an appearance here. Hello there Decoretchi! Long time no see! 😀

She still couldn’t stop thinking about desserts so we went back to the restaurant for an encore since we still have some extra money left. This time she had lemon mousse… and something happened.


Her dessert just changed her colours from pink to beige! Her friend was completely caught off-guard by the transformation. She thought that her friend was just seeing things, until the waitress herself lent her a mirror for her to see.

Apparently, it looks like some of the dessert items in the restaurant can change your character’s colours, so we tried another one. This time it’s the tomato juice.


As somehow predicted, she turned red. That looks really cute… and maybe weird at the same time since the red colour made it look like she’s sick; but rest assured that she’s not. 😛


To debunk all of the rumours going around some Tamagotchi forums about the colour changes – they appear to be permanent. She retained her colours the next day and even after going for a bath, she remained red. Not that it’s a bad thing – though it’s weird that it’s not possible to change her back into her original colours… at least not that I know of for now.

Later that day she went back to visit Flower Hills and did a bit of shopping. We found out that they were selling flower seeds and bought one, thinking that the outside garden could use some decorating.


However after planting the seeds and watering them, it suddenly grew into a beanstalk! Curiosity got the better of her and decided to climb up the beanstalk that goes high up into the clouds which takes us into another new unlocked town called Rainbow Hills! 😀


So where is the giant’s house? 😛

It’s getting slightly late as the sun is setting fast I sent her home and save the Rainbow Hills trip for later.

We passed by Berry Town on the way back and dropped by the new place called the Deco Salon. It’s the place where your character will be decorated with little tiny edibles by other Tamagotchis who are confused between learning fashion design and culinary arts. 😛


Back home, she was visited by Decoretchi. She talked for a bit about how cute her hometown was (yeah we already know, we just visited it a few minutes ago 😛 ) and gave her a present, which is a hair clip made of berry-shaped balloons.


We have unlocked a bunch of new destinations lately but we still have yet to explore them all… so stay tuned! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tamagotchi m!x – Colour Change!!

  1. Maryam

    hiii so you have no idea how to change them back to the original color???
    because i fed her the sakura smoothy and now shes pink and i really love pink but i miss the original color it was actually gorgeous!

    1. the13thgeek

      Yes, unfortunately the colour changes are permanent unless you recolor them with another food item.

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