September 11 2016

Prologue I: Vancouver

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The big trip has finally began! Before we start with the big stuff, I’ve got a couple of things I should write about that happened at the start of the big adventure that deserves its own post.

Before I reach the Philippines, I need a connecting flight since Winnipeg is way too far from the country. So the first flight in my itinerary would be flying from Winnipeg to Vancouver which makes total sense since it’s the gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

Burnaby, BC on the plane while en route to YVR Airport
Burnaby, BC on the plane while en route to YVR Airport

The fun part is that my layover in Vancouver is a whopping 10 hours! I will arrive in the city from Winnipeg at 4 PM and my flight to Manila does not leave until 2 AM the next day! Talk about a looooong layover!

Fortunately, help came in the form of two people I know who lived in the city – Dan and Nari! I contacted them right away about my situation and they were more than happy to take me around! Good thing that there’s a train that runs from the airport that goes straight downtown. I made sure with the airport staff that my checked-in suitcases were taken care of before leaving the airport.

Yay!! Someone to take me around :)
Yay!! Someone to take me around 🙂

I loved every minute of walking around Vancouver’s city centre. It’s alive and bustling with life and I immediately fell in love with its landscape which is a mashup of city skyscrapers, the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Ocean. I missed the big city vibe and I’m all smiles while soaking in the sights and sounds of Vancouver.

Cruise ship docked beside Canada Place

I think my favourite place so far within the city centre is the Waterfront area. I get amazed looking at those giant cruise ships, seabuses, helicopters and seaplanes taking off. I’ve been seeing a ton of stuff I never get to see back in Winnipeg and my senses are overwhelmed with all these cool stuff.

Speaking of seabuses, we took one to check out North Vancouver. I can only feel jealous for the folks who take this route on their daily commutes!


North Vancouver also has its own docks and viewing decks which offer a panoramic view of the city centre, and I have to say that it looks gorgeous! 😀

Looking out the North Vancouver wharf
Looking out the North Vancouver wharf

For dinner, we went back into the city centre and they took me around Robson Street, which is a very long and populated roadway that has tons of stores and dining options are plenty. We agreed on getting Korean food so we ended up at Zabu Chicken and it was pretty great!

Zabu Chicken's kalbi is pretty much one of the best kalbis I've ever had!!
Zabu Chicken’s kalbi is pretty much one of the best kalbis I’ve ever had!!

Unfortunately, time goes really fast when you’re having fun and 6 hours just flew by. Soon enough it was time for me to head back to YVR Airport to catch my flight to Manila. I bade farewell to Dan and Nari and thanked them for sparing their time to take me around. It was the best layover ever!! See? Long layovers need not be boring!

Next stop – Manila!

I will come back for you, Vancouver!
I will come back for you, Vancouver!

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