September 11 2016

Prologue II: Touchdown Visit

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The plane finally took off from Vancouver at 2 in the morning the next day. I couldn’t hide my excitement!

Vancouver city lights
Vancouver city lights

It’s been a good 12-hour flight because I was seated right after a wall dividing the sections of the plane, so I can freely recline all the way down whenever I feel like it knowing it’s just the wall that’s behind me.

Next thing I knew – it was touchdown! It’s been a long time, Manila. It’s nice to see you again on a beautiful Sunday morning after all these years.


There was a bit of a hiccup though… I filled out all two forms on the plane but I was held for a moment right after entering the terminal building. I asked one of the staff what the problem was, and they were forcing me to provide a personal Philippine mobile contact number, which I couldn’t provide because… I just landed and I don’t have a Philippine SIM yet? 😛 I tried explaining my situation and they just let me write down my email address and let me go. LOL

My aunts were gracious enough to pick me up at the airport and let me stay at their place. Our first stop was the typical first stop for any Filipino who has been abroad for a long time – Jollibee!

I ate my very first YumBurger meal in years at a drive-thru just after exiting the airport. A second treat awaited me when we got to my aunt’s place – she prepared chicharon!!

Jollibee and chicharon!
The first things I immediately ate after landing in Manila – Jollibee and chicharon!

After eating, we went on to my first itinerary — which is to visit my grandfather’s grave. He died of a heart disease in early 2015 and none of us in the family were able to fly back for the funeral. I figured that visiting him firsthand and paying my respects before I go out and about with my adventures on this side of the planet would be fitting.

"Without you, it will never be the same again."
“Without you it will never be the same again.”

In behalf of my family in Canada, we deeply miss you, grandpop. I’m sure that wherever you may be at the moment, you are still proud of me as you have always been.

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