• Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer1
  • Cosplayer2
  • Story-teller
  • Traveller2
  • Photographer2
  • Moviegoer
  • Lifelong Learner

1. In development; working on it
2. Casual/hobbyist

Hi! I’m Aldreich and I am an aspiring Web developer who lives in Winnipeg.

I made this site as an outlet for me to practice my skills in web design, graphics, writing and (basic) photography.

Other than doing websites, I also enjoy seeing movies with friends, doing casual cosplays during local anime/comic conventions, listening to a diverse set of music, going out for a run, taking photos and I love to eat.

In addition, I spend the rest of my leisure time volunteering for Bike Week Winnipeg and Winnipeg BIZ’s Downtown Watch.

I’m not a bookworm but I do appreciate good reads, and my favourites are the works of J. K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Suzanne Collins and the likes of which.

Foreign languages have not escaped my fascination, and I’m currently learning basic French and Japanese.

At present I work as a Web Developer and at the same time I am working on upgrading and expanding my existing skill sets by taking a Continuing Education program at Red River College.

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