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the13thgeek™ re:BIRTH
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About the site
This is a “resurrection” of the site I used to have when I was in college. See it as my personal online space with my blogs, pictures, and any other things that I wanted to share.

the13thgeek™ branding
The new brand/identity the13thgeek is derived from one of my old pseudonyms back in college, with the number thirteen (13) being my personal favourite number and “geek” being into the IT crowd.

The name and design of the brand portrays ruggedness (font), playfulness & creativity (paint splatter) and adds the geeky quirk with the mirrored-E effect on the logo.

What’s this site for?
For a hobby, mainly. I like web designing a lot, so I decided to put them into actual usage by means of maintaining an online site. Also, blogs are pretty common in the mainstream lately and I think it’s cool to actually write down everything I would like to talk about and do a writeup of past experiences; and also to practice my English.

Project “Zero”?
It has always been my personal habit to make codenames to all the sites I’m working on to personify them and provide each their own unique identity and distinction. The name “zero” indicates a fresh new start.



"the13thgeek™ re:BIRTH"
Project ZERO 1.0
(April 1, 2016)

AKIO/the13thgeek Transition Era

"the13thgeek™ 2014"
Project AKIO v3.1
(January 1, 2014)
Project AKIO v3.0
(July 15, 2013)


Project AKIO v2.0
(January 1, 2013)
"Captivate: Brand New Me"
Project AKIO v1.2
(March 29, 2012)


"Captivate: The Year of Changes"
Project AKIO v1.1
(March 11, 2012)
"Captivate: Then and Now"
Project AKIO v1.0
(December 19, 2011)


"Akio's Dimension: INSPIRE" [v3.0]
Project HITORI
(April 10, 2006)


"Konsento's Dimension version2"
Project MEGUMI v2.0
(September 15, 2005)
"Konsento's Dimension" [v1.0]
Project MEGUMI
(June 29, 2005)


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